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Common malfunction of diesel generator 2

Look at the carbon, check the working condition

The carbon accumulation in the exhaust port of diesel engine is black gray, and the surface is covered with a layer of white frost. The carbon accumulation layer is very thin, which indicates that the diesel engine works well.The charcoal color is black and not wet, indicating that the diesel engine burns oil slightly.The thick carbon accumulation in the exhaust outlet of a certain cylinder indicates that the injector of the cylinder is not working well or the sealing of the cylinder becomes poor, which should be repaired or replaced.Wet or organic oil flow marks at individual vents indicate that the cylinder burns oil and should be repaired.The carbon accumulation layer of each cylinder exhaust port is thicker, and the color is darker, because the working temperature is too low, or the oil injection is too late, the afterburning phenomenon is serious.

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