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Common malfunction of diesel generator 6

Low pressure oil supply is not smooth

Diesel engine from the fuel tank to the fuel pump inlet cavity in between, back to belong to the low pressure oil pipe line, when the pipe joint, washer and tubing oil due to damage, will make the air into the oil produces gas resistance, leading to poor drainage, difficulty in starting and accelerating engine slow fault phenomena, such as serious shut down automatically.When the oil pipe is blocked due to aging, deformation and impurities, the cross-sectional area of the oil inlet will decrease, or the oil dirty will block the oil inlet filter screen and the diesel filter element, the insufficient oil supply will lead to the decrease of engine power and the difficulty of starting.The inspection and elimination of this fault can be done in the vehicle.Loosen the air screw by pumping oil to a certain pressure with a hand pump. If there are air bubbles coming out and the exhaust is always not enough, it means that the air will enter through the oil route.If there is no air bubble but the diesel is weak from the vent screw, the oil is blocked.Normal phenomenon is slightly loose open air screw, immediately have a column of oil at a certain pressure injection.Troubleshooting methods are to find damaged or aged gaskets, joints or tubing to replace;The way to prevent this kind of fault is to clean the oil filter screen and diesel filter element frequently, check the pipeline frequently, and solve the problem in time when found.

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