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What about leaking diesel generators?

During the use of diesel generator sets, users may encounter some problems, including water leakage.

1. Adhesive bonding.If the water tank or water pipe is broken or the air hole causes small leakage, we can clean the leaking area and then apply adhesive.

2. Add padding.If there is a leak in the joint, we can add a thin layer of plastic cushion on both sides of the leak-proof ring and tighten it firmly.

3. Paint film liquid.If the joint is leaking, soak the paint in alcohol, clean the joint and apply the paint to the joint.

4. Liquid sealant.If leakage is caused by a solid gasket, clean the leaking surface and then apply a liquid sealant.

5. If the water tank leaks, we can clamp pliers to flatten the core pipe where the water leaks.

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