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Daily maintenance of diesel generator

1. Perform daily inspection of diesel generators, mainly including fuel and oil storage in fuel tank, and ensure that the fuel amount is sufficient and timely added according to demand.

2. The oil level of oil sump shall be checked regularly and timely to ensure that the cut mark on the oil scale can be reached and timely supplement according to the prescribed quantity.

3. Timely check the situation of water, oil and gas, timely deal with oil, water pipe joint and other leakage phenomenon on the sealing surface, timely eliminate exhaust pipe and gasket of cylinder head, and the leakage phenomenon of turbocharger, and solve the problem from the root.

4. Timely check the installation, stability and connection between anchor bolts and working machinery of each accessory of the diesel engine to ensure the reliability.

5. Observe and check all instruments in a timely manner to ensure that the readings are normal, and repair and replace them in case of failure.

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