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Technical exchange: How to use generator sets to reduce component wear?

In fact, the use process of diesel generator set is also its parts wear process.How to use diesel generator set reasonably and correctly is the primary condition to reduce wear and is a way to extend the service life of diesel generator set.

Diesel generator set fuel and lubricating oil quality adaptation

If diesel contains sulfur or other impurities, it can produce acids or other corrosive substances during combustion, accelerating cylinder wear.Excessive heavy fractions in diesel fuel lead to carbon deposition and wear of piston rings and cylinders.The viscosity of diesel oil affects mixture formation and reliability of oil supply equipment.For lubricating oil, the biggest influence is viscosity and oxidation resistance, should be based on the working conditions of diesel generator set reasonable choice of use mode, must not be abused.

The experimental results show that the friction increases with the increase of speed and load.As the load increases, the unit pressure on the friction surface increases, leading to poor thermal conditions.When the speed increases, the number of friction per unit time increases by half, but at the same power, the speed increase is greater than the wear when the load increases.However, because low speeds do not ensure good liquid lubrication conditions and increase wear, there is an optimal operating speed range for some diesel generators.In addition, diesel generator sets will often accelerate, decelerate, stop and start unstable work, due to the speed and load of the frequent changes, diesel generator lubrication conditions, thermal instability, wear will increase.Especially in starting, crankshaft speed is low, the oil pump supply is not timely, low refueling temperature, oil viscosity is large, the friction surface is difficult to establish liquid lubrication, wear is very serious.

Wear of diesel generator set by ambient temperature

When the temperature is high, the engine is easy to overheat, the oil viscosity is low, the wear of parts will increase.When the temperature is low, the viscosity of the lubricating oil increases, which makes it difficult for diesel generators to start and operate, and the cooling water cannot be kept at normal temperature during operation, which increases the wear and corrosion of parts.The wear and tear of diesel generators is more severe when started at low temperatures.

The operating temperature of diesel generator set is one of the important factors affecting wear and tear.In the course of operation, due to the limitation of cooling system structure, the change of work load and speed, the change of environmental temperature and other factors, the operating temperature of diesel generator sets has a wide range of variation.Practice shows that the temperature of cooling water is controlled at 75 ~ 85℃ and the temperature of lubricating oil is 75 ~ 95℃.

To sum up, rational use of diesel generator sets, reduce wear of parts.

1. Reasonable selection of operating conditions for diesel generator sets.

2. Improve the run-in quality of diesel generators.

3. Choose the right fuel and lubricating oil for the engine.

4. Improve the technical level of operation and timely maintenance.

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