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What are the advantages of parallel diesel generator sets

First of all we need to know what is the parallel cabinet of diesel generator set.And the cabinet is the generator automatic control cabinet.When two or more generating sets are combined to supply power to the load, or when one or more generating sets are combined to supply power to the grid, the diesel generating sets need to be combined so that the system can meet the requirements of joint power supply and the generator can work normally.Here is a brief introduction to the advantages of parallel machines.

Parallel advantages of diesel generator sets:

1, improve the reliability and continuity of the power supply system because of the combination of multiple units into a grid, the power supply voltage and frequency stability, can withstand the impact of large load changes.

2, maintenance, maintenance more convenient multiple units parallel use, can be centralized scheduling, distribution of active load and reactive load, can make maintenance, maintenance convenient and timely.

3, more economical can be according to the size of the network load, the appropriate number of small power units, in order to reduce the high power units small load operation of fuel, oil waste.

4. More flexible expansion in the future, we only need to install the current power generation and parallel equipment. In the future, when the company needs to expand the power grid capacity, we will add diesel generator sets and conveniently realize the parallel operation of the extended units, making the initial investment more economical.

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