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Antifreeze liquid for diesel generator set

The antifreeze of diesel generator can be used not only in winter, but also all year round.Antifreeze in addition to the role of antifreeze, but also can play the role of cooling the engine.In the process of running the engine, the cylinder temperature of the diesel generator set is getting higher and higher, the highest can even reach 2200℃, this time the antifreeze has played a cooling effect, and the effect is very obvious.Because of the high boiling point of antifreeze and water, so in the summer use can ensure that the engine does not boil.

Antifreeze not only antifreeze, cooling, but also reduce the formation of scale, and there are descaling, antirust functions, can increase the service life of diesel generator.

Of course, this is not to say that diesel generator tanks must be filled with antifreeze.But the antifreeze for the water tank and diesel generator or play a good protective role.So KeyPower suggests you use antifreeze year-round.But after a certain period of time, we have to replace the antifreeze.

So that's keypower's description of the antifreeze for diesel generators, and I hope it helps.

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