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6 important things for selecting diesel generators

6 important things for selecting diesel generators

  • Keypower generator with independent control box mounted on rubber pads offers second layer of protection against engine vibration.

  • Other's control box mounted on the canopy directly without any anti-vibration protection.

  • Keypower terminal blocks is German Phoenix brand ensures wires will not loose,each wire is tagged with digit making maintenance a very easy task,with fuses to prevent controller from being burnt down when battery is reversely connected.

  • Other's terminal blocks are mess,without any fuses protection.

  • Keypower with CE standard wiring provides extra security for generator operator.

  • Other's wiring is with potential risk of electric shock.

  • Keypower's Anti-vibration mounting with high rubber content.

  • Other's Anti-vibration mounting with very low rubber content, can't effectively absorb vibration.

  • Keypower 50 degree tropical radiator is fully protected with fan guard.

  • Other's radiator is without any protection.

  • Keypower alternator with 3 years warranty.

  • Other's alternator.

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